About the Cast

Film Director
Role: Evelyn Jones
Ashley Raymer-Brown created SonRise Productions in 1997 at the age of 17 with nothing more than the dream of someday becoming involved in media entertainment. After an impressive feature length documentary for her local High School's 50th Anniversary Reunion, she focused on breaking into performances fields in order to learn all aspects of the business.

In 2000, she was cast in her first community theatre production and since then has performed in over 20 productions (Big River, Moon Over Buffalo, Radio Gals, Carousel), directed seven plays (Cactus Flower, Radio Gals), written five plays, co-written one play, photographed 20+ shows, designed the poster and program for 10+ shows, and acted as the videographer for nearly 50 shows.

In 2007, Ashley began venturing over to film where she has acted in one commercial (AAA), one infomercial (Metropolitan Urology), one short, and three features (The Perfect Gift, 1 Message and No Lost Cause.) No Lost Cause (winner Outstanding Achievement in Filmmaking at the Williamsburg Film Festival in New York and Third Place in the Feature Film Category at the Bayou City Inspirational Film Festival in Texas) is her first co-direction of a film. She also acted as the Senior Editor, Foley Artist and Publicist, among many other positions.

In her spare time, Ashley loves reading, watching old movies and planning her next project.

Film Director
Rachael Yeager has been passionate about the arts from an early age. While in high school, she took vocal lessons from a family friend and mentor to "cure her of her tone deafness." Soon after, she started building her acting resume with roles such as Kate Clinton in Never Too Late, Toni Simmons in Cactus Flower, Joann in Big River, and Rosie the Riveter in One Nation Under God.

In 2007, she was given the opportunity to learn the craft of filmmaking through a local film company (Kelly's Filmworks). Rachael worked her way up the ranks, from Production Assistant to Script Supervisor, then 1st Assistant Director. In 2010, she formed her own production company, Proverb Films. Rachael wrote, co-directed, and produced the company's first feature film, No Lost Cause.

When she is not working, Rachael enjoys writing, sight-seeing, photography, singing, performing, and watching movies.

Role: Jenna

Candy Thomas has appeared onstage in many theatre companies in Kentucky since 2000. Some of her favorite roles have been Stephanie in Cactus Flower, Jeannette in Last of the Red Hot Lovers, Elaine in Nightwatch, Chris Gorman in Rumors, and Vera Claythorne in And then There Were None.

She made her film debut as a background actor in Sweet William (2004), and appeared in three other films by Kelly's Filmworks as well as the independent film Pivot Point (2010).

Candy currently resides in Kentucky, is married and the proud mother of two wonderful children.

Role: Nick Lisle
Nils Hamilton is from rural northern Kentucky, and is one of eleven siblings. He has been acting for over ten years, and got his start performing in plays in High School. He then moved on to leading roles in the local community theatre. Nils transitioned into film with small parts in Clancy and The Perfect Gift with Kelly's Filmworks. No Lost Cause is his first feature film leading role.

He feels passionate about his craft and hopes to continue it for the rest of his life. In his spare time he enjoys painting, volleyball, and landscaping. He is currently writing his first screenplay.

Role: Beth Ann Collins
Caitlyn Waltermire Caitlyn Waltermire decided to act when she saw Alan Arkin's performance in "Wait Until Dark" at 16 years old. She has since performed in musicals, straight plays, murder mystery dinner theatre, and a rock opera. "No Lost Cause" was her first film. She also writes music, and performed original pieces at The Kentucky Theatre, as well as other local venues. When she's not performing, she writes short stories and is playing with a first novel.

Role: Billy Collins
Brian Douglas Barker is a Union Sheet Metal worker who has enjoyed the avocation of community theatre for the past 30 years and over 25 shows. While most of his participation has been in musical theater vocally or as a dancer, he has also filled the behind the scenes roles of Producer, Stage Manager and Set Designer/Construction. He began his foray into feature film in 2003 as an extra for the motion picture "Seabiscuit." Since then, he has appeared as a featured extra in "The Perfect Gift," "1 Message," and the soon to be released, "Pieces of Easter." "No Lost Cause" is his first leading role. He currently lives on a small farm in rural Kentucky.

Ambitious, Broke & Saucy

Join filmmakers Ashley Raymer-Brown and Rachael Yeager in a series of interviews with the cast and crew of their first feature film, “No Lost Cause.” Tune in for a humorous, insightful, and brutally honest look at how a group of friends with big dreams, empty pockets and a ‘can do’ attitude made a labor of love film that ending up getting worldwide distribution.

Caitlyn Waltermire

(Beth Ann Collins, “No Lost Cause”)

April 30th, 2013 We kick off our first in a series of interviews with the star of “No Lost Cause.” Learn how Caitlyn landed the role of Beth Ann, her favorite memories on and off screen, her tricks for getting into character, where she gets her inspiration for lyrics and why Bane in “The Dark Knight Rises” makes her want a glass of Country Time Lemonade.

Featured musician/song(s): Caitlyn Waltermire, “No Lost Cause,” “Two Planes”

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Candy Thomas

(Jenna Neumann, “No Lost Cause”)

May 6th, 2013 In our special “Mother’s Day” themed episode, Candy shares with us her thoughts on the motivation behind her characters actions and Rachael discusses how actors schedules sometimes influence stories. The ladies also discuss valuable tips on memorizing lines, the best and worst mothers in film, why faith based films often have weak or absent mothers, and Ashley discusses why the mother in “October Baby” drives her crazy.

Featured musician/song: Maggie Lander, “Miss Me Moon”

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Hannah Crawford

(Brooke Jones, “No Lost Cause”)

May 19th, 2013 This week we focus on the tiniest and probable favorite member of the “No Lost Cause” family. Hannah talks about how she got her in start acting, whether she prefers behind the scenes or in front of the camera, how she got the nickname “The Tank,” and why she is the laziest smart person you’ll ever meet.

Featured musician/song: Beth Currant, “Prove Them Wrong”

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Timothy Jermaine Ellis, Sr.

(Pastor Alan, “No Lost Cause”)

May 20th, 2013 Join us this week for an incredible interview with Tim Ellis, the awe-inspiring pastor from “No Lost Cause.” We cover a huge range of subjects, including the difference between acting for the stage and for film, how NLC ministered to him personally, the miracle birth of his twin boys, how he got the call to become a pastor in real life, favorite Bible stories, Redemption in film and real life, and why his wife Danae is a driving force behind why he decided to straighten up and fly right.

Featured musician/song: Darnell Cauley, “A Better Me”

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Justin Tyler Franklin

(Director of Photography, “No Lost Cause”)

May 26th, 2013 In this super bonus episode, Tyler Franklin joins the ladies in a discussion that covers nearly every facet of their filmmaking techniques. Learn how Ashley, Rachael and Tyler each decided to enter the field of filmmaking, what their long term goals are, what they had to sacrifice for their dreams, the value of being able to improvise, if film school is ‘really necessary,’ their advice to future filmmakers, and the stories of utter despair and euphoria that accompany creating a work of cinematic art.

Featured musician/song: Mark Smeby, “What I Want”

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Ben Fabish

(Scott Anderson, “No Lost Cause”)

june 6th, 2013 Listen in on our conversation with Ben as we discuss the differences in character, middle child syndrome, great artists like Norman Rockwell, Arrested Development, why Audrey Hepburn makes us swoon and Ben's superpower of evasion is revealed. Or is it? We're not sure he answered the question.

Featured musician/song: George Fabish, "Fragile"

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